We've collected an assortment of Prozac memorabilia from over the years and stuck them onto this page. Scroll through and take a look!

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For a copy of the whole series including audio commentaries, outtakes, previously unseen footage and exclusively designed DVD menus by the Phil Brown Design Agency, including the unfinished masterpiece Communist TV just click the text below:

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If you like Prozac Comedy, then here are some other links that may be of interest to you.

Click here to visit uea.ac.uk
Prozac was conceived, written, filmed and produced at the University of East Anglia. Click here to visit the UEA website.

Click here to visit nexusutv.co.uk
Visit the Nexus UTV website, the University of East Anglia's television station, where Prozac Comedy was born.

Click here to visit nasta.org.uk
The National Student Television Awards is the prestigious body for celebrating student television, which Prozac has entered for many years running.

Click here to visit kershaws.biz
Kershaws. Quality Foods.


Here is a handful of posters we have used to promote the show and attract some of our most talented comedians and comediennes.

A poster featuring our tagline to attract members. A promotional poster used to recruit members at a student society fair.


The t-shirt worn by all Prozac members at NaSTA.